About King’s Production

Since 1987, King On has set an uncompromising standard for each photograph and video production. Handcrafting each assignment requires up to one full quarter – creating a set of rare quality and global renown, not surprisingly, King’s Production remains the choice of social elite of each epoch.

During more than 20 years of continuous operation, King’s Production has produced just over 1300 wedding assignments – a small number compared to companies that favor mass production techniques. In the greatest portrait tradition, King’s Production continues to apply its expertise and creativity in the production of photos and videos that are among the best artistic value in the world. It is said that King’s portrait is just as beautiful as an art displayed in the gallery.


Seizing the Touching Moments

Life is full of surprises and touching moments. However, these incredible moments often does not last long. With over twenty years of professional experience, King’s Production committed to capturing the precious moments on your wedding day, into long lasting photography that can stand the test of time

Unforgettable Beautiful Moments

King’s Production will not make the couple doing unnatural poses, nor have them looking at the camera with stiff smiles or soulless eye contacts, which are not the keys in creating an unforgettable wedding album. The experienced photographers from King’s Production will seize the sincere moments and take the most captivating photos on the wedding day. Every picture represents our sincere wishes to the couple.
King’s Production wedding photography service cares about the the feeling of the couple and their guests, enabling them to truly be themselves in a happy and romantic ambience.
With a wealth of practical experiences and professional photography skills, King’s Production photographers will build a relaxing and happy atmosphere throughout the wedding day, so that the couple, bridal parties, parents, relatives and friends can easily bond together. Our photographers will capture these shots of joyful, romantic and touching moments for unforgettable memories that can put a smile in one’s heart for future review.

Perfect Memories
Apart from wedding banquet photography service, King’s Production also offer pre-wedding photography services both locally or overseas. King’s Production professional team will first discuss with the couple, to understand their love stories and their preferences, in order to tailor-made an unique photography itinerary for the couple, and to produce the most captivating pictures that vividly tell your stories.

King’s Production will perform post production touch-ups skills to turn each picture into an unique piece of art that can graphically display the happiness of that day and create memories that does not fade away.

King’s Production is a member of the Artistic Guild Of  The Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA)


A reference in Hong Kong since 2002, the studio today is one of the leading professional photography and video production in Hong Kong.

The Studio was founded by King On with a team of experienced photographers, who have mission to create an artwork for the wedding couple. We believe the role of an expert wedding photographer is not only to capture those unique moments, but also to collect and record them like a storyteller.

The dedication of the photographers creates a touching MEMORY IN HANDS, which is preserved as the best moments for your beloved ones, lasting ever forever.

In additional to wedding photography, the Studio’s team Team has also involve with many Corporate Clients over the years including:- Star TV Ltd, RTHK, Asia Television Ltd, Cable TV, Gap HK Ltd, Hospital Authority, Iue Yao Violin Recitail, Neutrogena, Longiness, Johnson & Johnson Group, Lancel, Triumph, I Joyce, Testoni, AXA Insurance.