Feeling is the life in photo

“Feeling” is an element of life. And it is same in a photo. “The ability to capture such feeling, is the essence of photography”. All these years, THE STUDIO has always used photography to capture moments and glimpse of our customer’s different elements of life.

Under the same concept, THE STUDIO believes when two people fall in love and deicide to spend the rest of their lives together, love is the essence of everything in this romantic union and, through photography, such essence could be captured on photographs forever.

Relationship, Lovestory

Relationships blossomed from Love.

Lights, cameras, ACTION! In order to capture the essence of people’s emotions on pictures, the physics of photography is not enough to satisfy our high standards to create high standard pieces of photographs for our customers.

A thorough understanding of our newly weds background, their likes and dislikes, their love stories, their favorite color, their family pets… all of these enable our photographs to come to life with every one of our camera shutters opening and closing.

THE STUDIO strives to do better than any other photo-shooting studios through connecting with our customers through emotions and capturing feelings as part of our own. Hence, our Lovestory was create under these stringent prerequisites of picture-taking that we have for ourselves.

From our first glance at our loved ones, our first love, our first date, to our first commitment ceremony, all of these memorable moments are the essence that have pieced our lives together to create beautiful memories in our lives. Love, passion, laughers, and tears of joy are all to be captured into our Lovestory series in order to offer you with the most preciously tangible photo collections that no money can ever buy.

You’ll now be able to hold in your hands your lifelong love and happiness.


“感覺” 是人的生命原素,也是一張相片的生命原素。『攝影要掌握的是感覺』,多年以來,The Studio 也是一直朝著這個方向而走的。The Studio 在這個理念之下,相信兩個人因為相愛而決定走在一起,中間必定有 “愛” 的存在,這份愛可以透過相片去保存下來的,而常說的拍攝風格、也只不過是一種表現感覺的形式而已。



能掌握到好的構圖、燈光與角度,極其量也只可以拍攝到一張好的相片,但一張可以令人有感覺的相片,不能單憑這些外在的技巧就能拍攝得到的。能了解每對新人背後的關係才是婚紗攝影的真諦。一雙戒指、一個擁抱,背後可能埋藏著無限的歡笑與淚水。而了解新人背後的故事,從攝影過程中發掘深情的畫面,這正正就是 The Studio 一直追求的拍攝手法, 也是 The Studio 成功的其中一個原因。而 Lovestory 就在這個情況下被孕育出來了…

從兩個人走在一起的這一刻開始,感覺、愛、關係…就從此而生了,人生中擁有很多不同階段的愛和關係,而戀愛的關係也是很多人最憧憬的,當中曾經有喜、有樂,有著兩個人的一切點點滴滴,要這種的關係毫無保留地利用相片去表達出來,串成一個個動人的故事 ,Lovestory 就是你絕對不能錯過的手中故事了。